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sex toys for a better sex life

These Kegel Exercise Weights by Je Joue have got to be the best of their kind. With its three different levels of weights and beautiful design, these kegels result in the strengthening of your pelvic muscles for a better life. You can buy sex toys like these discreetly online from Mimi De Luxe and nobody needs to know!

If you’re having to run to the bathroom more often, interrupting and bringing stress to your daily life,

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Birth Control Fertility Monitor

The OvaCue Fertility Monitor is part of the Fair Haven Health product lines. It comes with a vaginal and oral sensor. It uses the electrolyte method to predict ovulation. The OvaCue uses its two sensors to monitor and track the changes in a person’s electrolytes through their saliva. These changes in electrolytes are used to predict the time of peak fertility. A week before ovulation a woman’s electrolyte levels peak.

In order to properly use the fertility monitor take an oral reading on the second day of the cycle using the oral spoon like sensor for five seconds in the morning.

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