Review of OvaCue Fertility Monitor – An Alternative to Birth Control

The OvaCue Fertility Monitor is part of the Fair Haven Health product lines. It comes with a vaginal and oral sensor. It uses the electrolyte method to predict ovulation. The OvaCue uses its two sensors to monitor and track the changes in a person’s electrolytes through their saliva. These changes in electrolytes are used to predict the time of peak fertility. A week before ovulation a woman’s electrolyte levels peak.

In order to properly use the fertility monitor take an oral reading on the second day of the cycle using the oral spoon like sensor for five seconds in the morning. Use the oral sensor before brushing your teeth, eating or drinking anything. One you menstruation cycle ends use the vaginal sensor every day at the same time.

The OvaCue Fertility Monitor will gather, process, and interpret the data. It will determine your peak fertility days, the day of ovulation, and the beginning and end of the days a woman is more likely to conceive.

The OvaCue Fertility Monitor helps women monitor, track, and see when they are ovulating. The OvaCue even helps detect instances of delayed ovulation. The fertility monitor lets you know the exact day that it is more probable to get pregnant. The OvaCue Fertility Monitor is very easy to use and has helped many women to get pregnant quickly after having tried to get pregnant for years.

It can be difficult to know exactly which days you are most likely to get pregnant but the OvaCue makes it easy. In fact, several women were surprised by the information they received from the OvaCue. It turned out that they had previously completely misunderstood when they were fertile, but the OvaCue helped them chart their fertility.

The OvaCue Fertility Monitor allows women to chart their progress using an online fertility tool. The OvaGraph allows women to chart their reading and record the color status from the OvaCue. The OvaGraph lets you chart an unlimited amount of fertility cycles and other important information such as fertility days, body temperature, cervical position, intercourse days, and fertility medications. The OvaGraph allows for secure information sharing with a fertility doctor or OvaCue Customer Support. The OvaCue increases a woman’s chance of conception.


The OvaCue Fertility Monitor is not only for women who are trying to conceive. It has been successfully used by women as a method of birth control. There are many reasons for a woman to decide to use a fertility monitor as a method to prevent conception. Some women are sensitive to certain birth control medications. Other women don’t want to go on hormones. Or don’t want to have an intrauterine device inserted into their uterus.

The only method left that allows a woman to know when she is fertile and tells the specific days a woman should avoid intercourse to prevent conception is to use a fertility monitor. There are many women who use the OvaCue Fertility Monitor as a natural method of family planning. Some women are not ready yet to conceive a child and use the monitor along with the OvaGraph to predict when to avoid intercourse.

There are also older women who have had their family and currently use the OvaCue to track and chart their fertility in order to prevent pregnancy.

The OvaCue Fertility Monitor does an excellent job of tracking peak fertility days with its oral and vaginal sensors. The information provided by these sensors and processed by the OvaCue on to the OvaGraph provide all the necessary data to women who either want to conceive a child or women who use the fertility monitor as a natural method of family planning.