The Path to Wellness: Daily use of Massage Chairs

Ever wondered why some people seem to have a spring to their step and others are nearly bent over suffering from sitting at their computer for too long or a long commute?

The answer may well be a daily massage. Massage chairs align your spine and reduces the pressure on your nerves. A daily massage will greatly reduce your stress levels and we all know stress is a big killer when it comes to wellness. Head on over to the We Review Massage Chairs site for heaps of information about the best selling chairs.

Massage Chair

The chairs feature a range of features like easy to use remote control, a sophisticated track that massages from the base of your neck all the way to your glutes, airbags to inflate, squeeze and deflate around your arms, legs and feet and many of them have heating elements to sooth achy lower backs.

They are surprisingly more affordable than you think. If you were to indulge in a massage every day for one week @ $30 per session, then you would have paid off your chair! However many massage chair owners report using them EVERY DAY, so that would save you about $10,000!

If you are dealing with anxiety and depression you’ll be pleased to know that massage chairs help relieve both of these symptoms. Insomnia? Give yourself a massage just before bed and have a fantastic nights sleep.

What’s more, some of these massage chairs include built in speakers so you can listen to soothing music or guided meditations and really discover your own path to wellness.

Many of the massage chairs on the We Review site include another health benefit called “Zero Gravity”. This feature relieves the pressure on your spine by tilting your head and body back and making your legs raised higher than your heart.

What is the best massage chair you can buy? Well the current best seller on Amazon is the Kahuna LM6800 and this has all of the features mentioned above (aside from the built-in speakers – you’ll have to pay another $1000 for those!). This massage chair uses airbags on legs, arms and feet, and has a long L-Track (the bit that goes down your spine). It also begins each massage with a full body scan so it can tell if something is not correctly aligned and suggest working on it.

Many users exclaim how this massage chair has changed their life. Isn’t about time you discovered the path to wellness through massage chairs?