Why Fitbit Charge 2 Will Keep You Calm

Time To Relax and Get FIT!

Ah, fitness trackers. They are the little devices that help you know if you are sitting on the couch just a little to long. They let you know exactly how many steps you took today, or make it obvious how few steps you took. There is no shortage of options on the market, which can make the decision to buy a tough one. Today, I hold in my hand the Fitbit Charge 2. I have been using this product for a little more than a week now and have been reading about it before I even put it on my wrist.

First, a little about the product itself. The Fitbit Charge 2 goes beyond just counting your steps. This tracker also monitors your heart rate throughout the day. The technology used for his is called PurePulse. This can be coupled with your workouts to help keep you in the ideal heart rate zone. For those that are trying to manage their stress level – aren’t we all?


There is a great feature that will guide you through a breathing session. Don’t fret, many of the familiar features from previous versions are still present. Among other things you can still track your sleep and wake to a soothing vibrating alarm.

For simplicity, I have broken it down in the good and the bad. Your mileage may vary with the product (literally). These are the opinions of a humble stepper.

The good: Compared to the previous model the battery seems to drain slower. This means less frequent charging and less forgetting your Fitbit plugged in at home. Although I have listed this as a positive, there is still room to improve in the battery department. As always, I find the software for the FitBit adds so much to the experience.

Alright I was skeptical about the guided breathing, but it really helps me unwind. I use it to find my happy place when work has gotten just a little too stressful for a moment.

Lastly, I love the ability to read texts or see calendar reminders on the display. This means I do not need to fish my phone out while working out.

The bad: Ok, I don’t want to be that person: but I hated the wristband. This is not a new phenomenon, this has happened in previous versions. This is also not a unique issue to Fitbit, the wristband is always a hard thing to get right. This band is more flexible than its predecessor. It does eat through my clothing if I am wearing a long sleeve shirt. This is a mild inconvenience though as the wristband can, and most likely should be, swapped out.

Having the Fitbit Charge 2 has taught me how often I allow my arms to drag against surfaces. I have already scratched the screen slightly. I am debating cutting down a screen protector from a cell phone down to size. There have also been reports of pixels dying on the screen, I have not experienced this first hand. Okay so why is this band not water resistant, cell phones have beat you to the punch on this one FitBit. Perhaps on the next instalment.

Conclusion: If it is time for an upgrade, you would do well grabbing the Fitbit Charge 2. I can’t say that you need to rush to the store for this tracker. I am partial to the guided breathing. I find that it has helped with my stress level and is pretty relaxing. If you are in the market for a fitness tracker, this one will fit the bill well. Alright, I suppose it is time to get walking.